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Here is some additional information  you may want to know about Sterling Wedding Videos. If you have any questions with regards to filming, or any of our wedding video packages, then please give us a call, as we are always happy to talk to clients and advise.


Well most of the time it is just me! My name is Stuart Sterling and I am a freelance cameraman, editor and photographer. In 2010 when I filmed my first wedding and from the very first moment, I was hooked. I immediately found myself inspired by all the beauty, splendour and emotion I was able to film, and thrived having the  responsibility to capture all those ‘one take’ moments. Then after seeing what lovely images I had produced, I instinctively knew I could excel as a wedding videographer and one day produce wedding videos that my own clients would love. I just had to film more weddings

From then on, I continued to shoot wedding videos for other companies who both trusted and admired my work. Then in 2012 I started Sterling Wedding Videos, as I began to shoot more and more for my own clientele.

So just as you would spend time deciding on which wedding photographer to hire, so should you take the same consideration when choosing who to shoot and edit your wedding video. I want you to choose me, because you like both the style and quality of my work which you can discern from my wedding highlight videos. I am always honoured when couples hire to me to produce their wedding video. For me, it is a compliment and always a privilege.

I also shoot and edit corporate videos, promotional videos, and music videos. But you can learn more about this side of my work by visiting http://www.stuartsterling.co.uk and see more examples of my filmmaking.

About Sterling Wedding Videos and Stuart Sterling
About Sterling Wedding Videos and Stuart Sterling
One camera or two?

It is cheaper to have your wedding video filmed using one camera than two. If you are on a budget then this is your best option. But if you can afford to have the second camera operator, then this makes for a better video. Why? Because it means that during the ceremony, one camera will be focused on the Bride & Groom continuously in a wide shot, whilst the other camera can take medium and close up-shots of them, and the guests. This makes for a more artistic, fluid and less static edit of the ceremony. This is also applied to the speeches, one camera films the wide whilst the other shoots medium and close up-shots of the speakers and guests. I must confess though these days I sometimes shoot with two cameras at no extra cost to you. But it is at my discretion. Please call me to discuss.

About Sterling Wedding Videos and Stuart Sterling

Although I have mainly filmed in London, Surrey, Middlesex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, I now have a base in Sale, Manchester so I also cover the North of England too. But I am more than happy to travel throughout the UK and abroad! This may incur extra for travel/accommodation costs. Please call to discuss.